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A game about talking, starting conversations and building friendships ...

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A game to cause reflection on the meaning of life, good and evil, political viewpoints ...

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A game that will cause smiles, laughs, and enjoyment ...

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46% of people want to have deep conversations more often*

As we get busier with life-work-study-money-family,
we tend to talk less about why we actually do what we do.

We would like to talk more often,
but we're not sure how to get those conversations started.

Our game to provides some social scaffolding - and a plenty of fun at the same time!

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How to play

Life and Everything is played with a group of 3-10 people over three rounds. Each round a word or phrase to discuss is chosen. You may use a phrase cards that come with the game, such as 'Life is about ...', or choose your own topic. Then ...

select card

1. Pick from your hand

Select one image that explains or shows a facet of the phrase.

The cards from all players are shuffled, and dealt around the phrase in the center of the table.

table deal

2. Pick from the table

From the images on the table, and select the one you like best.

Note: you can't pick your own image.


3. Discuss your choices

Take turns to reveal the images you have chosen and explain why.


4. Score

Gain points based on how many players picked your image from the table.

Scoring is optional. Some groups will like scoring, others won't.

Meet the Creators

tim Tim

Lead game designer. Creator of Dweebies, Monsta, Bunyips!, and Pyramix. Winner Australian game of the year 2011, Mensa Select 2014, Oppenheim Gold Award, and others.

marty Marty

Original concept and development advisor. An educational technologist, he applies technologies in innovative ways to support education and learning. Awarded the 2008 Platinum IMS Learning Impact Award, the top ranked entry across the world.

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Survey respondents were asked the question:
I would like to have significant conversations about ethics / politics / religion / truth / meaning:
A more often
B less often
C about the same frequency as now